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Welcome to Joel Yates Jr DDS, your premier destination for exceptional dental care in Jefferson, NC. At our state-of-the-art practice, Dr. Joel Yates Jr combines a passion for dentistry with advanced expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry advancements, the practice ensures that every visit is comfortable, efficient, and effective. Whether you’re seeking routine cleanings, cosmetic enhancements, or complex restorative work, trust that Joel Yates Jr DDS will provide personalized care with the utmost precision and compassion. Our dedicated team is eager to help you achieve and maintain a radiant smile that reflects your health and confidence.

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At Joel Yates Jr DDS, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care with a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction. Our practice stands for integrity, quality, and personalized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each individual. We believe in using the latest technology and evidence-based techniques to ensure the best outcomes for our patients’ oral health and overall well-being.

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Experience top-tier dental care with cutting-edge technology and compassionate staff, ensuring your smile shines with health and confidence.

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Experience cutting-edge dental care with our state-of-the-art technology, ensuring precision treatments and unparalleled comfort for every smile.

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Experience unmatched comfort at our practice, where serene ambiance meets personalized care. Your relaxation is our priority.


What Our Amazing Patients Have To Say

Glenna Brown
Glenna Brown

Dr. Yates and staff are efficient and courteous.

Savannah Sheets
Savannah Sheets

I’ve been going to Dr. Yates for many years and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. He’s such a great doctor and he and the staff are so nice. It’s always such a great experience every time I go!

Sharon Little
Sharon Little

These people are fantastic! I’ve never liked going to the dentist!! They make it a non stress environment and Dr. Yates is the best!!! They are very helpful with any questions and they listen.

John Dixon
John Dixon

Excellent service and patient care. Staff is friendly and professional. The only negative (and this is very rare for this practice) I feel today’s appointment took longer than it should. Only needed to put a crown on an implant. I was in the chair for an hour and a half.

Reba Rash
Reba Rash

Very good

Mark Harvell
Mark Harvell

First visit. Dentist and Staff were great. Would recommend.

Kelsey Lauren
Kelsey Lauren

Staff here are very nice, and Dr. Yates is so cool!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in a professional dental cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning typically includes the removal of plaque and tartar, polishing of teeth, and may include fluoride treatment, along with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to check for any signs of oral health issues.

How often should I get a dental cleaning?

Most dentists recommend that patients get a dental cleaning every six months, but some individuals with specific dental issues may require more frequent cleanings.

Will a dental cleaning whiten my teeth?

While a dental cleaning can remove surface stains and make your teeth appear brighter, it is not the same as a professional teeth whitening treatment which is specifically designed to lighten the color of your teeth.

Is a dental cleaning painful?

Most patients experience little to no discomfort during a dental cleaning; however, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, be sure to inform your dental hygienist so they can take extra care to ensure your comfort.

What are the signs of gum disease I should look out for?

Yes, you can eat after a dental cleaning, but it’s advisable to wait until the numbness from any anesthetic wears off to avoid biting your cheek or tongue, and you may want to avoid particularly sticky or hard foods for a few hours after certain treatments like fluoride application.